What we would dearly love from you design teachers out there is a chance to have your students develop modular groups, floor plans with material and finish variations. To do it during this fall semester would help us gain traction in our fund raising. All results will be published in a connected blog. The entire program applies to all kinds of designers, interiors, architects, urban planners etc...Stacking to 5 levels will be permitted. A parallel costing exercise might be created here. We are launching a similar program with engineering and science students in different universities, this one mostly for defined problem-solving exercises like those related to module-stacking. As for the design contest, the entire program fills less than a a half-page, allowing much latitude and leaving us hoping for a serious "refresh" of something we have been doing for too long. We will be supplying all modular parameters along with well-defined constraints and 3D primitives. We will almost certainly obtain for your student one year of free Sketchup Pro software when the company gets your school details of established teaching credential. Our PR person is putting together the program along with a set of perks, one of which is 3 summer jobs in Baja with us for the winners ( Our president would be only one of several judges selected by your school !), Write to Nikki directly if your job allows you the latitude of such a project.