Do you seriously want to change the way we build our houses?
We have no such plans, but we would be delighted to have promoted a new category you could call "bolted panelized houses". Better still, we could adopt a name that suggests the stength developed by the geometrical way these panels are assembled. Calling these "geo houses" would do fine. Some have suggested a reference to bee honeycombs by using the name "HoneyHomes". For now, we have no problem sticking to "hi-tect homes" to describe houses made up of Hi-Tect shells and panels. The expression "Archimede Houses" still lingers after all the years Archimede Systems has stopped its activities; just do a Google Image search with that expression and a few of these houses will pop-up from real estate ads. Tell us what name you would select...or do like we do by letting time decide.
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